How to Retrieve Lost Emails from MS Outlook?

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Definitely, emails have an important role in everyone’s life. Since it is the fastest and cheapest way of communication, majority of people are using emails for business proposals, official letters and for other casual communications. MS Outlook makes your emailing experience superior by adding various appealing features to organize emails. While managing email account on Outlook, everything goes well except one thing that is loss of confidential information. However, you do not have to worry now, because Restore PST Files is there for you. By using this tool, you can retrieve lost emails within few easy steps.

In outlook, you can store important emails, business contacts, appointment, attachments, appointments, calendar entries, tasks etc. All these things are saved in a personal storage file that is generally known as PST file. Although, PST file is a secure medium to store such important Outlook entries but even it is prone to some corruption issues after that you may lose access to your confidential mails and other information. Some most common reasons of PST file corruption are described below. Taking care of these issues, you can avoid such calamity.

Improper Termination of Outlook- In hurry, most of Outlook users terminates the program improperly. If you are performing any action on Outlook data or PST file is open that time then it may be corrupted or it may result in loss of emails.

Exceeding Maximum Size of PST File- If the size of stored emails exceeds the default storage size of PST file then the emails and other attributes gets lost or bypassed.

Header File Corruption- Header file contains all basic information about a file, which is needed to access PST file. If it is corrupted or damaged, you would not be able to open PST file. Similarly, .pst file format may be infected or damaged by harmful viruses after that email gets inaccessible. In such condition, you should use this software to fix your damaged PST file with ease. If face any difficulty to perform the repair operation, visit this link:

Sudden System Shutdown- Improper power supply results in power outages and due to power outages, your system may be shut down at any instance. While you are working on Outlook, if power outage happens, it will lead to loss of emails and other Outlook information from PST file.

Outlook Crash- Due to some programming bugs or other logical issues, Outlook application may be crashed, hence you lose emails as PST file gets corrupted.

Improper File Sharing- While sharing PST file over a network, if any interruption occurs, your PST file will be corrupted or damaged and then information will be inaccessible.

To avoid losing Outlook emails and items, you can have a copy of PST file as a backup so that you can get back Outlook emails when PST file is corrupt. If you do not have backup then you must take help of Restore PST Files. It is reviewed as the best solution, which has smart email recovery features to help users to recover emails from damaged, corrupted or inaccessible PST file on all popular Outlook versions such as Outlook 2000/ 03/ 07 and 2010 etc. Follow this given link to restore damaged PST files.

Steps to retrieve lost emails from Outlook PST:

Step 1: Download and install Restore PST Files tool on your computer and launch it to open it's main window. Here you will find three options. Select an appropriate option, as illustrated in figure A.

Retrieve Lost Emails - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: After selecting the PST file from which you want to recover lost emails and then select the scanning mode as illustrated in figure B.

Retrieve Lost Emails - Choose PST File

Figure B: Choose PST File

Step 3: At last, you will see a popup window showing the number of recovered emails as illustrated in figure C.

Retrieve Lost Emails - List of Recovered Emails

Figure C: List of Recovered Emails