Restore Deleted Items in Outlook 2010

How to Rescue Deleted Items from Outlook 2010 PST File?

In order to access all the items in a simple and signified way, most of the users prefer Microsoft Outlook as their email client. Outlook uses a single PST file to store all its information. Since the size of .pst file of Outlook 2010 is limited to 50GB, most of the users prefer to delete redundant emails and other items from their Outlook account to free up the storage space. While deleting emails from Outlook Inbox or any other folder, users might unintentionally delete some of his important items and clear the "Deleted Items" folder accidentally. However, if you don’t have a backup of PST file, then  deletion of important items leads to significant data loss.

Generally, when you delete an item from Outlook Inbox or any folder other than the "Deleted Items" folder, they are moved to "Deleted Items" folder in MS Outlook. However, if you need  those items back then you can easily restore them from "Deleted Items" folder. One must say it is like a Recycle Bin folder. i.e. it stores your deleted items and other Outlook files until you empty the "Deleted Items" folder manually. When you empty or delete all items from "Deleted Items" folder then they are permanently deleted from Outlook and sometimes resulting in PST file corruption. What will you do in such instances?  Fortunately, Restore PST Files tool help you in such circumstances to retrieve deleted contacts from PST file.

Some of the most common situations where you need to restore deleted items in Outlook 2010 are listed below:

  • Unintended deletion of items: Items may get deleted or lost, when you accidentally empty the "Deleted Items" folder. As long as you click on an "Empty Deleted Items" folder, it prompts a confirmation popup message like "Are you sure you want to delete items?" If you unintentionally click on 'Yes' option then all the items from "Deleted Item" folder gets deleted resulting in permanent data loss.
  • Improperly terminating Outlook: If you close Microsoft Outlook abruptly while accessing then it may lead to corruption of PST file.
  • There are different other causes like virus infection, unexpected shutdown of system while accessing Outlook, improper termination of Outlook etc might result in deletion of items from Outlook 2010.

Generally, when you accidentally delete items from Outlook, they are not permanently erased, instead allocation information of items gets deleted making them inaccessible. These deleted items can be recovered using the relevant recover PST files tool, whic is effecient to restore deleted items in Outlook 2010.

Irrespective of the cause, this tool retrieves various Outlook attributes like contacts, emails, appointments, calendar items, tasks, RSS feeds, journals, meeting requests etc. In addition to Outlook 2010, one can also use this tool to restore Outlook 2007 PST file, which is detailed at This is an auspicious utility that enables Outlook users to retrieve damaged PST file very effectively. Furthermore, the preview option of this software helps you to view the retrieved items before their restoration. By using this tool, one can also recover deleted PST files, for maore you can visit at

Steps to Restore Deleted Items in Outlook 2010:

Step 1: Download and install Restore PST Files tool on your computer or laptop and open its Main Screen as shown in below fig A.

Restore Deleted Items in Outlook 2010 - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the PST file in order to restore deleted items in Outlook 2010 and choose the type of scan as shown in fig B.

Outlook 2010 Recover Deleted Items - Select PST File

Fig B : Select PST File

Step 3: Lastly, you will see a popup window showing the number of recovered items shown in fig C.

Outlook Folder Recovery - Number of Recovered Items

Fig C: Number of Recovered Items