How to Repair & Restore Damaged PST File

Damaged Outlook PST file can be repaired with the assistance of Restore PST Files software. When scanPST.exe fails to fix, this software comes very handy to repair and recover severely damaged PST file, and its contents. Download the demo version now, and fix the damaged PST file in few clicks!!!

Outlook PST file stores messages, tasks, notes, contacts, calendar, email etc. Like other files of your computer these PST files also may be damaged. Due to this you can lose valuable data unexpectedly. PST file contains personal data, corporate financial data, customer information etc. That’s why any damage to the PST file becomes more harmful for the user. After the damage one question comes how to restore PST files in Outlook 2007, 2010 and others? There are many reasons behind PST file damage like failure of network link, virus infection and improper compacting operation. To restore damaged PST file you have to use efficient software which can restore damaged PST file in few easy steps.

Most PST files get damaged due to human errors other than application errors. Make sure that size of the PST file doesn't get too large. In such cases, compact the PST file using an automatic PST file tool immediately. If you alter the path of Outlook, some files are containing inbox or sent mails, contacts, notes got damage, as value in the registry and some temporary files cause it to happen. You can also use Restore PST Files tool to restore contacts from PST file, which has been detailed here: Sometimes, Outlook is not closed properly an add-in keeps Outlook open in the background and you would not know it. But when you shut down or restart your computer you come to know that PST file is damaged. Moreover, if the PST file size becomes greater than maximum PST file size then PST file may be damaged. Outlook version 2002 has hard-wired limit of 2 GB, in 2003 & 2007 it is 20GB. The PST files resides in the server network and you are accessing it from user, at that time if server, router, hub or network link create any problem then PST file may be damaged. We can overcome all these reason and can recover PST file by using Restore PST Files software. PST file corruption may occur because of viruses & malwares comes with email attachments.

This entire problem causes damage to the PST file which can be recovered by Restore PST Files software. This advance application repairs all PST files created in 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and OST file also. Restore PST Files tool recovers deleted items in Outlook 2010 and another version also. Even you can repair PST file which is not repaired by inbox repair tool. This tool provides real-time preview of the restored damaged PST file and the most amazing thing about the software is that it doesn’t modify original PST file. Excluding all that, if your Outlook OST file is corrupted due to any reason, then also this application will be capable enough to restore OST file in some easy steps.

Steps to restore damaged PST file:

Step 1: Download and install Restore PST Files software on your computer or laptop and open its main screen as shown in below fig I. Select "Open PST File" option if you know its location otherwise select "Find PST File" option.

Restore Damaged PST File - Main Screen

Fig I : Main Screen

Step 2: Select the damaged PST file with "Browse" option on the next window as shown in fig II. As you select PST file and proceed with clicking on "Next" button, software will start repair process automatically.

Fix PST File - Select Damaged PST File

Fig II : Select Damaged PST File

Step 3: After repairing process completion, you can see the attributes of restored damaged PST file on a separate window as shown in below fig III.

Repair PST File - Recovered PST Data

Fig III : Recovered PST Data