Restore Corrupt PST File

Repair Corrupted PST File Easily

Microsoft Office Outlook is a popular email client used by both business and individual users as it offers a wide range of services. It includes calendar, events, RSS feeds as well as e-mail management. All these information are stored in a file with extension of .pst and this file is stored in computer hard drive. It is a very popular situation when Outlook users try to open the application and they get an error message indicating the corruption of PST file. Because of such corruption, you may lose your important emails, task or other important notes. You can easily come out from this situation by using this efficient Restore PST File software. This application uses special algorithm to restore corrupt PST file preserving the content of this file without any modification.

There are plenty of reasons behind corruption of your Outlook PST file. As this situation is not rare, it will be very helpful if you know how a PST file can be corrupted. Few common reasons behind PST file are shown below.

Hardware Failure: Faulty network connection and bad sector on the hard drive are important hardware reasons responsible for PST file corruption. When you are accessing your PST file remotely, it may get damaged due to network link problem on interface card, server, router, network hub or any other part in the link. Secondly, it also may get corrupted due to presence of bad sector on the disk where your PST file is stored.

Virus Attack: It is another reason through which your PST file may be corrupted. Few viruses are present on the internet which directly attack your PST file and corrupt it. BleBla, Melissa, Worm Explore ZIP are such types of viruses that very dangerous for PST file.

Improper Shutdown Procedure: PST file may also be corrupted because of improper closing of Outlook. It may happen after power surge, abrupt shut down of computer without closing MS Outlook etc. if your system is turned off suddenly, running program is closed by task manager forcefully. Then, there is a good chance of PST file corruption. Even, if your compressed PST file is corrupted, you can recover all data from it using this tool. to perform this recovery, go through this link:

Besides that reasons, PST file may also be damaged due to improper recovery operation, oversized PST file, incomplete upgradation of Outlook etc. But, you can be safe from such loss if you maintain proper back up of your PST file and handle Outlook carefully. In spite of effective precautions if your PST file is damaged, you can repair damaged PST file using this effective tool.

This Restore PST File software offers so many useful features to restore corrupt PST file and to recover important details from deleted PST file. It can help you to recover contacts, email, notes, appointments, journal and all other attributes from the PST file. You can be able to employ this application to fix damaged PST file on Outlook 2007, 2010 and other versions. By using this link you will find exact way to recover calendar items on Outlook 2007. It is compatible with all major versions of Windows OS. Besides PST file repair, you can also use this application to repair corrupted OST file in some simple steps. If you need any help in OST repair, follow this link:

Steps to Restore Corrupt PST File:

Step 1: Download and install this software on the system and launch it. From main screen select your most appropriate option.

Restore Corrupt PST File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, "Browse" the corrupted PST file and click on "Next" button. After thet, software will start repair operation automatically.

Corrupt PST Recovery Tool - Select Corrupt PST File

Fig 2: Select Corrupt PST File

Step 3: After completion of repair operation, you can see all attributes that are restored.

Fix Corrupt Outlook PST - Recovered PST File

Fig 3: Recovered PST File