Restore PST Files

  • It has got one of the Best GUI which entitles users for easy restoration of PST file
  • Supports different versions of Windows OS, which are executing on different File System
  • Globally appreciated and recommended by industry experts
  • Even the password protected PST file can be easily fixed by usage of this software
  • Provides each of the content of PST file in matter of few minutes, by utilizing its great scanning algorithm

How to Restore Inaccessible PST File?

Are you unable to access your Outlook profile? Are you getting some errors like PST file is corrupted or damaged while accessing PST file? The PST file corruption problem is quite common which frequently occurs with Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, PST file corruption makes your Outlook profile inaccessible and creates severe data loss problem. In that instance, you must have a legitimate backup to restore PST file from it. However, in case if you don’t have a backup then no need to lose your sleep. Because Restore PST files tool will help you in such situations.

The most common situations where the PST file gets corrupt or damage are as follows.

  1. Sometimes, while accessing your Outlook profile, due to operating system crash  or power failure if your computer shut down improperly, then it exits the Outlook forcefully. At that point of time if Outlook is performing any information associated task of accessing a PST file, then the probabilities of Outlook PST file corruption are pretty more.
  2. Microsoft Outlook needs continuous access of PST file to carry out the information related tasks. If you access  PST file though some remote device, then because of network breaks, PST file might get some unusual garbage values. Since it is a complex database file even a little error results to  damage the entire PST file.
  3. Virus attack, improper termination of Outlook, disk error might also result in corruption of PST file.

Is there anyway to Recover Deleted PST files?

While accessing a PST file, what action will you take if the PST file has been accidentally deleted? Can you tolerate such kind of data loss of your crucial emails and other work related files? At such instant of time, instead of losing all your hopefulness, if you search for how to restore deleted PST files, you will get ample of approaches. Among all those, Recover PST Files is ultimate software to recover deleted PST files.

Before going to PST file recovery, let us see some of the causes for the PST file deletion. A few common situations where your PST file can get delete are listed below

  1. Accidental deletion is the most common cause for the loss of PST files. Sometimes while deleting the unwanted files, most of the users suddenly may delete important files. In case if they don’t have a backup of PST files then the severe data loss will be guaranteed.
  2. Sometimes viruses might also delete your PST files. If the deleted PST file has some of your important details, then the probabilities of losing valuable data are pretty more. So, if you wish to reuse such Outlook PST file then you can recover it by use of given url:

To evade data loss in any of the above scenarios, it's better to keep a backup of your PST file. It might serve you whenever you lose PST files. Even after taking the precautions, if you lose the PST file, you can restore it by using Restore PST Files tool. Users will never face any sort of complications during the PST recovery or PST repairing operation because this application is designed with a simple graphical user interface. If you want to know more about the program and want to know how this software mend damaged PST file of Outlook, follow the given link:

Some Unique Features of Restore PST Files Software

  • Best possible software to restore PST files in Outlook 2007, 2010 and other versions of MS Outlook.
  • It is read-only and non-destructive tool so that it doesn’t any further changes to the corrupt or deleted PST files.
  • Different Outlook attributes like notes, emails, appointments, journals, calendar items etc. can be easily restored using it.
  • Very much compatible with different versions of Windows OS like Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Few simple steps to Restore PST Files:

Step 1: Download Restore PST Files software and install it on your computer or laptop. As installation is finished open its Main Window as shown in Figure 1.

Restore Corrupt PST - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: On next window Browse and select the PST file from your computer as shown in Figure 2.

Restore PST File - Select PST File

Figure 2: Select PST File

Step 3: Lastly, you will see a popup window indicating your PST file is repaired as shown in Figure 3.

Restore Microsoft Outlook PST File - List of Recovered Items

Figure 3: List of Recovered Items